Security monitoring in the Sahel (Burkina, Mali, Niger)

Integrated solution for security monitoring and decision-making support in the Sahel.

Aperçu de l'application Sahel Watch

The solution

Our web application displays all the information on the security situation in Burkina Faso , Mali , Niger and more generally in the countries of the central Sahel.

Security watch

Each month, several hundred safety or security incidents are collected, cross-checked, geolocated and informed.

Periodic analyzes

Every day, once a week, or once a month, receive situation reports from the geographical areas that interest you.

Aperçu de l'application Sahel Watch

Support available

Every day, a team is available to answer your questions, process your analysis requests and assist you.

Scalability on demand

Thanks to an agile methodology, your specific needs are developed and integrated into the platform in record time.

Help with decision making

Our subscriptions

Subscription to Sahel Watch is monthly or annual depending on the formula chosen.

It gives full and unlimited access to the entire application, its data and features.

It is valid for an unlimited number of users within the client structure.