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Aperçu de l'application Sahel Watch

Frequently asked questions

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The Sahel Watch application is intended for all structures that wish to prevent risk to their personnel and materials in the Sahel zone.

Initially intended for safety/security managers in large organizations, it can also benefit program managers and operations managers with activities in the areas covered.

Sahel Watch is a decision-making tool rich in information and advanced functionalities. It is indispensable for long-term monitoring as well as for one-time strategic support.

Incidents listed on Sahel Watch come from a variety of sources, including specialized alert and discussion groups, security sources, intelligence services, social networks, and the press & online media.

The information is cross-checked and verified by GRANADA Consulting under the supervision of Mahamoudou Savadogo.

New incidents reported to Sahel Watch are systematically sourced. Retroactive sourcing is also carried out on previously collected incidents.

Public sources are accessible to all, and confidential sources are listed as “source type”.

Sahel Watch situation reports are issued weekly, monthly, or upon request. They describe and analyze the situation over the period in question, based on concrete facts listed on the platform.

Depending on the settings of your alerts, you can target them by region, author, target, or type of incident.

To get full access to the Sahel Watch application, you must sign up for a subscription with Granada Consulting.

It is possible to test our services free of charge for a limited time by submitting a request for demo access in the form below.

Subscriptions to Sahel Watch are either monthly or yearly, depending on the package chosen.

It gives full and unlimited access to the entire application, its data and features.

It is valid for an unlimited number of users within the client structure.

Sahel Watch is constantly evolving and already offers many new features. Please refer to the “Solution” page to learn more.

We also welcome any suggestions and strive to meet the needs of our customers. If your need is the same as the majority, it will result in the development and implementation of new features offered at no extra cost.

In the case of a specific need to your structure, we can evaluate together the cost and time associated with the development of new features.

All Sahel Watch subscriptions include analysis requests, which are processed with the utmost care and in the shortest possible time, to assist you in reading the situations that concern you.

In the case of complex analyses not included in your subscription contract, Granada Consulting can provide you with a quote.

Yes, you can order the integration (punctual, regular, or synchronized) of your data, in order to quickly visualize the risk and generate a cartography to help you make decisions.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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