Approach & methodology

The combination of a scientific editorial approach and agile web project management methods.
Aperçu de l'application Sahel Watch

Our vision

The Sahel is currently in the midst of an unprecedented security and humanitarian situation.

There are many political, economic and social implications, and it can be difficult to see clearly enough to make the right decisions. 

The great diversity of actors and points of view adds to the complexity of a situation that seems to have been continuously deteriorating for several years.

Through the Sahel Watch solution, Granada Consulting’s objectives are to ensure an assiduous watch and to continuously analyze the evolution of the situation in order to provide concrete elements of response and assistance in decision-making.

Scientific & Technical Committee

In order to best respond to the needs of its clients and to produce tools and services of the highest quality, Sahel Watch has set up a Scientific and Technical Committee (STC).

As a dynamic exchange framework, the committee’s general mission is to guarantee technically and scientifically the content and functionality of the proposed solution.

Its specific missions are:

  • To carry out a scientific watch: news, conferences, research programs, calls for projects, experiences to be developed… ;
  • Alert on the themes to be developed or studied (emerging, new technique…);
  • Evaluate the relevance of the data layers or functionalities to be integrated;
  • Provide feedback in their field;
  • Participate in the development of tools or features;
  • Provide external advice on the evolution of the application and its operation. 

Bringing together a dozen experts in various fields (security, geography, sociology, land, rural development, cartography, web ergonomics…), the CST meets four times a year.

The diversity of the profiles that make up the team gives it the openness, the distance and the agility necessary to develop a complete tool adapted to various uses.

Steering Committee

Sahel Watch is a security monitoring and decision-making tool jointly developed and piloted by Granada Consulting (project management) and Adage Group (project management). 

Granada Consulting is a company specialized in security and geopolitical risk management, focusing on security issues in the Sahel. It is headed by Mahamoudou SAVADOGO, researcher, specialist in security risk analysis and management, and consultant on violent extremism issues in the Sahel.

Adage Group is a consulting firm specializing in the design and development of custom web solutions. As web project manager and senior consultant for the group, Roman BONNEFOY leads the technical team of the Sahel Watch project, with a focus on the user experience.

The steering committee’s general mission is to guarantee the sustainability of the initiative, to ensure the good coordination and efficiency of the integration and development teams, and to ensure that the recommendations of the CST and customer needs are taken into account.

Agile methods

Sahel Watch is an ongoing development project, in which new features and improvements to the interface and ergonomics are regularly implemented.

Sahel Watch is a web application developed on a private forge, where releases are grouped into sprints of one to two weeks. Thanks to short iterations within sprints, Sahel Watch is highly scalable.

Depending on the needs of each client, the data sources available to them, or the information they wish to benefit from on the platform, we adapt to quickly propose the specific developments required.

Finally, CST’s enriching contributions allow for the regular consideration of new points of view, in order to simplify, enrich or fluidify the user experience, to offer more complete content and analysis, and to assist in decision making.